Axel Morin is a passionate photographer / director with a strong vision for deeply aesthetic imagery and an exceptional ability to uniquely convey story. Absorbed in the urban culture of his youth, he discovered a talent for creating images early on and uses this preserved youthful lens with a modern adaptation to frame his current works. Now, his sought-after style is the perfect blending of timeless sophistication with a fresh, provocative interpretation.





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Benjamin di Giacomo

Benjamin di Giacomo is a director with a strong background across many aspects of film. His knowledge from several years of experience in post-production work and management make him a well rounded, highly skilled filmmaker. His passion for creating films lead to the founding of ASSEMBLY9 in 2012. His deep understanding of natural beauty combined with his ability to lead on set are among his biggest assets. In November of this year his first short documentary BTH was released on NOWNESS.


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